A Gamble With Death is a BOOK OF REVELATION

My brother, friend, an inspiration, mentor, co-writer/Comrade is out with a bang you all need to know about. 

There are many things you will never learn from CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera etc concerning illegal migration from Africa to Europe through the Sahara desert & the Mediterranean sea.

Do you know, some security officers (both local and foreign) are conspirators in human trafficking?

Do you know, there are thousands of stranded migrants scattered all over Niger, Algeria, Morocco, Mali and Libya? Many of them in villages/towns that has no future prospect of survival whatsoever.

Do you know, there’s a place called Maghnaia, where stranded black Africans are almost succeeding in building a new community? The host nation tried to but could not stop this community from existing. And in this community there’s always tribal wars (Igbo, Edo-Benin, Yoruba) and people are maimed or killed.

Do you know? I’m sure you don’t know.

A True Life Story …like it has never been told before.

CHAPTER 2. (Excerpt) 

It was a day like any other, with no customers and nothing much to do. So the boys, as usual, gathered to be kids and adults at the same time. Then walked in three guys; one was familiar to all, one not so familiar to me but to some of the boys, the other not familiar to anyone. The familiar guy introduced his companions.


Gamble with death

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